Sweet Nights Wallpaper Pack

  • Sweet Nights Wallpaper Pack

Sweet Nights Wallpaper Pack

High-resolution wallpapers for your phone, tablet, desktop, and smartwatch to dive into the magical and surreal universe of Dontmesswithjuan. Featuring art from Abraham Merr made for the cover arts of the debut album 'Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness'.

When you buy these digital products, you support the Dontmesswithjuan music project directly without any third-party. It is the most direct way to support this project.

• Digital download
• 4k resolution
• Portrait and landscape format

Included formats:
• Wallpaper Cellphone 2160x3840
• Wallpaper Desktop 4096x2160
• Wallpaper Tablet 1920x1080
• Wallpaper AppleWatch38mm 272x340
• Wallpaper AppleWatch40mm 324x394
• Wallpaper AppleWatch44mm 368x448

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