Dontmesswithjuan is an electronic music producer, singer and songwriter from Montreal, Canada.

Stéphanie has been drawn to and immersed into the artistic world from very young age. She has been writing lyrics and music for over a decade. Learning how to produce electronic music gave her the ultimate tool to share her creativity with the world.

Her infinite need to escape human reality has shaped her art. Producing wasn’t enough so she learned video editing skills, which came in handy to fulfil her project of music production, music videos and stories, to offer cinematic experiences releasing the creative power of the unconscious mind.

As a constant observer, Stéphanie sings with an airy/breathy voice about philosophical questions, using dark textures and glitchy sound effects to create a complex cinematic surrealist electronica universe. Every album is an endless cycle lived by a designated character.

Adaptable to many different genres, Stéphanie enjoys creative collaborations where she brings her colour and produces an intriguing fusion of influences.

Surreal Electronica music with cinematic imagery and philosophical timeless stories to help you disconnect from the external world and connect with your internal world. Every album is an endless cycle lived by a designated character.

The first album, called “Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness” will follow fictional character Juan on his first brief and eternal cycle of life. On his pursuit for happiness, he will go through different levels that will be expressed in 7 songs, released one by one.