Juan & The Pursuit of Happiness (ALBUM)
€15.00 - €25.00

  • Juan & The Pursuit of Happiness (ALBUM)

Juan & The Pursuit of Happiness (ALBUM)
€15.00 - €25.00

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An instant download of 'Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness' in high-quality WAV loseless audio format and additional digital products packs to dive into the magical and surreal universe of Dontmesswithjuan and get to know more about the concept behind the album. Featuring art from Abraham Merr made for the cover arts of the debut album 'Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness'.

When you buy these digital products, you support the Dontmesswithjuan music project directly without any third-party. It is the most direct way to support this project.

• Digital download
• 4k resolution
• Portrait and landscape format

- 8 Short Stories Posters

- 8 Poster Short Stories
- 8 Movie Themed Posters
- 8 Quote Art Posters

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Track Listing

  1. Daily Grind
  2. Sweet Nights Master
  3. Over the Edge Master
  4. Falling Slowly
  5. Notre Mirage
  6. Mr. Uchi
  7. Mutant Fur
  8. Young Lady

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